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Bando per n. 1 borsa di ricerca - durata mesi 3 - Titolo "Ottimizzazione dell'impatto ambientale di cementi a base di argille calcinate" - fondi DOR 2019 - responsabile scientifico Dott. Luca Valentini

Pubblicazione Bando dal 25/03/2021 al 09/04/2021 - Approvazione atti della selezione dal 15/04/2021 al 30/04/2021

Dal 15.04.2021 al 30.04.2021


Socio-Hydrogeology and the power of transdisciplinary sciences

Speaker: Dr. Viviana Re - Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra – Università di Pisa (Italy)


Socio-hydrogeology has been recently proposed as a new approach targeted to the assessment of the reciprocity between people and groundwater. This approach roots its basis in transdisciplinary sciences, and in the belief that addressing the complex nature of the water cycle with a holistic approach can effectively lead to equitable access and long-term sustainability of groundwater resources.


Influence of plate tectonics on life evolution and biodiversity: biogeodynamical modeling

Speaker: Dr. Taras Gerya - Institute of Geophysics, Department of Earth Sciences – ETH-Zurich


Geodynamic evolution of the mantle and lithosphere on Earth is intrinsically linked to the evolution of its atmosphere, oceans, landscape and life and we would like to understand these interactions better trough the emerging transdisciplinary field of biogeodynamics. The solid Earth went through multiple tectono-magmatic styles during its geological history. The influences of any global tectono-magmatic style are at least twofold.


Mining as a response to criticality in the supply chain

Speaker: Dr. Kathryn R. Moore - Camborne School of Mines, University of Exeter, UK


A climate of increasing costs from large deposits at decreasing grade, the environmental impacts of global transport networks, and societal pressures necessitate a new relationship between raw material production, the manufacturing value chain and society. Feedstocks for manufacturing, and thereby society, can be at critical risk of short supply where the rate of change in raw materials production cannot respond to the rate of change in demand.


Creature fantastiche e dove trovarle: lo studio paleontologico dei tessuti non mineralizzati

Relatore: Dr.ssa Valentina Rossi (Museo di Scienze Naturali dell'Alto Adige-Bolzano)


Il seminario entra nel merito delle nuove scoperte e nuovi avanzamenti scientifici nel campo dello studio dei tessuti non mineralizzati e dei pigmenti fossili. I fossili di animali e vegetali con tracce di pelle, peli, piume, pigmenti e cuticole (vegetali) fanno parte di quei reperti paleontologici chiamati “eccezionalmente preservati”.