XRPD sample preparation laboratory

Maria Chiara Dalconi


This laboratory is designed to prepare samples both for X-ray powder diffraction and other analytical techniques requiring specimens as fine powders. It is advisable using the lab only for small-volume (max. 20 mL) solid samples.

Separating the clay-size fraction from coarser particles and ethylene glycol treatment to expand swelling clays are also feasible in this lab.


- agate mortars and pestles (hand grinding)

- McCrone ® Micronizing mill with zirconia grinding elements indicated for obtaining grain sizes < 5 micron

- analytical balance (max 220 g, precision 0.1 mg)

- internal standards for quantitative phase analyses (zincite, corundum)

- specimen holders for Panalytical diffractometers operating in Bragg-Brentano geometry: 27 mm and 17 mm cavity diameter, Si zero-background holders, holders for bulk samples

- boron glass capillaries for X-ray diffraction measurements in transmission geometry.


Dipartimento di Geoscienze

via G. Gradenigo, 6

35131 Padova (Italy)


RESPONSABILE:  Dott.ssa Maria Chiara Dalconi - Tel. +39 0498279163 

Norme di accesso


First access

Please consider that to unlock the laboratory door you need an access badge. Whenever you start a new contract or bursary, you have to request activation for your badge, please contact the lab manager.

All users of the “XRPD-sample preparation lab” must receive the General Safety training (instruction here).

Once you get the certificate for General Safety training, please fill-in the “Scheda di accesso” (Scheda di accesso) and contact the lab manager M. Chiara Dalconi.


Usual access

Due to health safety needs and containment of SARS-Cov-2 virus, it is allowed only 1 person in the lab at a time. To arrange your working time in the lab, please check the on-line booking system (https://servizi.geoscienze.unipd.it/mrbs2/web/index.php?view=week&view_a...) and contact technical staff to book your time slot.

For any further information, please contact the lab manager M. Chiara Dalconi                           

(e-mail: mariachiara.dalconi@unipd.it) or Marco Favero (e-mail xrpd.geoscienze@unipd.it)

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