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The Diavik Diamond mine


Professor Fabrizio Nestola explains the origin of the blue diamonds. Where are they from? To answer this question he visits for the first time the Canadian Diavik diamond mine.News on "Il Bo Live" (University of Padova)

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The origin of blue diamonds


Professor Fabrizio Nestola illustrates the scientific study about the origin of blue diamonds. The research, realized with the collaboration of the University of Padova, has been published in "Nature".News on "Il Bo Live" (University of Padova) 

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Earthquake lubrification and healing explained by amorphous nanosilica


Giulio di Toro (Department of Geosciences) talks about a research published in “Nature Communications” about earthquake lubrification and healing explained by amorphous nanosilica and about machines used to study these events. News on "Il Bo Live" (University of Padova)  

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Journey to the centre of the Earth


The University of Padova has published a study on the properties of mantle rocks. The new approach, based on the joint analysis of seismological data and numerical simulations of fluid dynamics, will allow to develop detailed maps of deformation mechanisms.News on "il Bo Live" (University of Padova)

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Geosciences and geoenergy: will there be a future beyond the black gold era?

Speaker: Prof. Andrea Moscariello University of Geneva (Switzerland) – Visiting professor Dipartimento Geoscienze


In order to cope with the climate changes observed in recent decades accompanied by weather instability, excessive periods of drought, catastrophic events such as hurricanes or torrential rains and the threat of unstoppable sea level rise, in 2015 many nations signed the Paris Agreement to limit anthropogenic global warming. To achieve these long-term goals, countries aim to peak global greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible to achieve a climate-neutral world by mid-century.

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