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Circular Summer School on Raw Materials

Department of Geosciences, University of Padova - via Gradenigo 6

Dal 17.07.2023 al 22.07.2023

The school, jointly organized with the Department of Chemical Sciences, will be held at the Department of Geosciences from 17 to 22 July and will cover the topics related to the downstream in the Circular Economy: Recycling – Remanufacturing – Recovery – Refurbishment, 4 R's of circularity.

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Esu Housing Competition - University of Padova A.Y. 2023/24


Esu provides accomodation for about 1400 students outside Padova in its halls of residence which are situated in the city centre or near to the university buildings.

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Geomorphological analysis on the Po river with drone and sensors transported on a kayak


A team of researchers from the Department of Geosciences of the University of Padua recently went near to the city of Cremona to analyze the conditions of a secondary channel of Po River, from a geomorphological point of view

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Seminar (Career Workshop) - “Northern Lights” and the role of subsurface in Carbon Capture and Storage

Speaker: Dr. Renata Meneguolo - Equinor, Stavanger (Norway) | 4 Aprile 4,30 PM ! Aula Arduino


Capture and storage of carbon dioxide (CCS) is considered a crucial tool for the decarbonization of emissions from energy and hard-to-abate industries. Geoscience has a crucial role in the multidisciplinary assessment of the three building blocks of safe CO2 geological storage: containment, injectivity and capacity.

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Seminar - Basement inversion of the European passive continental margin during Alpine collision: From nm-scale deformation processes to geodynamics

Speaker: Prof. Marco Herwegh, University of Bern, Institute of Geological Sciences (CH) - Tuesday, 28 March – 4:30 PM | Aula Arduino


This talk deals with the exhumation history of continental granitoid crust of the former European passive continental margin, by showing regional scale fault zone patterns, their link to microscale deformation processes and the mechanical implications based on rock deformation experiments.

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