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The reuse of abandoned wells to boost geothermal energy production


Geothermal energy is a form of renewable energy that uses the heat from the underground. In general, the drilling part of a geothermal project is one of the most expensive. In Italy there are more than 5000 wells that are now abandoned or mineral closed and the data collected during the exploration

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Making geothermal energy accessible almost anywhere: the goal of DeepU project


Easily accessible deep geothermal resources for heating and power are fundamental for accelerating the decarbonisation of energy supplies in Europe. The goal of the DeepU project is increasing the accessibility of deep geothermal resources for low carbon heating and power generation, by offering a substantial reduction of well drilling costs to deliver deep heat exchange systems. The project, coordinated by the University of Padua, is funded by the European Union and the technical feasibility of DeepU technology, based on an absolute innovation on the use of laser techniques for deep drilling, is demonstrated at the laboratory scale.

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Academic agreement between the University of Padua and the China University of Geosciences di Beijing


A relevant academic agreement was recently signed between the University of Padua and the China University of Geosciences in Beijing.The memorandum of understanding is part of a collaboration agreement that the two universities have started a few years ago: it is based on the synergy between the

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Advanced materials for constructions on the Moon: interview with Prof. Shima Pilehvar


Shima Pilehvar is an Associate Professor at Østfold University College, Norway, and her main research interests are sustainable construction materials and 3D printing technology, whose frontiers can be crucial also for creating, in the future, human settlements on the Moon. Prof. Shima Pilehvar has

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Teaching sedimentology with analogue models: Gilbert-type deltas


Gilbert-type deltas develop in high-gradient coastal areas and are generally made of of gravelly deposits accumulated by mass transport processes. Deposits accumulated in the transition zone between the delta plain and the front are characterized by variable stratal geometries, which can serve as

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