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Field Trip in the Ivrea-Verbano area as part of Unipd's Metamorphic Petrology course


The Ivrea-Verbano Zone (Piedmont region - Italy) is known and studied by geologists from all over the world because it literally allows you to travel in the medium-deep continental crust. For these reasons, the multi-day field trip in the Ivrea-Verbano area has become an integral part of the "Metamorphic Petrology" course of the Master's Degree in Environmental Geology and Earth Dynamics (Degree Study Track in Earth Dynamics) of the Department of Geosciences of the University of Padova.

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Seminar (Career Workshop) - Il tempo nella pratica idrogeologica quantitativa

Speaker: Dr. Geol. Andrea Sottani, Sinergeo, Vicenza | Tuesday 23 May 2023 – 4.30 PM | Arduino Classroom


A partire da una breve rassegna evolutiva degli strumenti diagnostici di cui l’idrogeologo può attualmente disporre e focalizzando l’attenzione su metodiche operative di ieri e tecnologie di oggi, vengono discussi il significato, il ruolo ed il valore del tempo nella pratica professionale, traguardando verso gli scenari occupazionali che questo settore concretamente offre nel mercato del lavoro

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Optimising access to deep geothermal resources: the first results of DeepU project


In 2022, the University of Padua announced the launch of the DeepU project aimed at developing an innovative drilling technology to overcome many geothermal energy production limits.

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Seminar - New horizons in shale sedimentology - How experimental advances allow a new look at the rock record

Speaker: Juergen Schieber, Indiana State University (USA), Department of Geological Sciences I Tuesday 16 May 2023 – 4.30 PM | Arduino Classroom


Mud is the main substrate for the microbial biomass of Earth, and as such is intricately woven in with biogeochemical cycles that exert control on the composition of atmosphere and ocean. For petroleum systems, mudstones are essential as source rocks and seals, and more recently also as unconventional hydrocarbon reservoirs. In contemporary petroleum geology mudstones are a key resource that we need to be able to read accurately if we are to make correct predictions about the economic viability of hydrocarbon production in sedimentary basins. The first step towards that goal is to abandon long held notions about mud accumulation and embracing new emerging paradigms about energetic and dynamic mud transport and depositional processes. Experimental studies are the key towards that end, and they will be the focus of this presentation. We will examine key experimental studies, their functional premises and experimental outcomes, and what we learn from them about how mudstones may have formed in the past.

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Venice Lagoon. The salt marshes and their network of channels and meanders


In the new episode of the mini-series dedicated to the Venice Lagoon, we’ll be finding out more about the channels and meanders with Prof. Massimiliano Ghinassi and Dr. Alvise Finotello

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