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Seminar - Ancient impacts, early life, and gemstones: Insights into the Archean Eon from southern West Greenland

Speaker: Dr. Chris Yakymchuk - Waterloo University (Canada) | Thursday, November, 9, 2023 – 4.30 PM | Arduino Classroom


The Akia Terrane of southern West Greenland hosts several peculiar geological features that record a transitional period in global geodynamics during the Archean Eon. The terrane is dominated by grey gneisses, metasedimentary rocks, and ultramafic complexes metamorphosed to granulite‐facies conditions. In the northern Akia Terrane, microstructures and structural map patterns have been used to argue that the ~100 km wide Maniitsoq structure formed from a giant meteorite impact at 3.0 Ga; however, diagnostic evidence of impact metamorphism is absent.

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Seminar - A multiscale approach to fluid-rock interaction processes from Earth’s depth to the surface

Speaker: Dr. Tommaso Tacchetto - Curtin University (Australia) | Thursday, October, 26, 2023 – 4.30 PM | Arduino Classroom


In this seminar, it will be shown how the application of a suite of cutting‐edge techniques can allow us to enhance our understanding of the nanoscale manifestation of fluid‐rock interactions and their consequences for larger‐scale dynamics. The analytical workflow is applied to type localities of deep crust fluid‐melt‐rock interaction and weathering patterns of the World’s largest sites of human heritage.

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Online Meeting on Study Plan - 20 October


On 20 October, it will be possible to register and participate in the webinar on study plans organised by the International Desk. You will be able to learn how and when to fill in your study plan, and common doubts will be clarified together. The webinar will be held in English.

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Geophysical methods for the monitoring of rock glaciers


A field work day on Sadole Pass (Trentin) with Prof. Jacopo Boaga and the PhD student Mirko Pavoni

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Seminar - Career Workshop - Le applicazioni della Geologia nei Servizi Ambientali

Speaker: Dr. Alessio Bonetto - Gruppo Veritas S.P.A. | Thursday, October, 19, 2023 – 4.30 PM | Arduino Classroom


Nel corso del seminario saranno analizzati attraverso una serie di casi di studio i numerosi contesti in cui le competenze geologiche possono trovare impiego e sviluppo all’interno delle varie attività svolte da una società multiservizi in ambito ambientale.

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