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Scuba dives in the Gulf of Naples to comprehend the vulnerability of underwater cultural heritage


WATERISKULT is a project funded by the EU that aims at investigating the effects of key-factors of climate change on the conservation of underwater cultural heritage. Luigi Germinario explains more about a recent mission in in the Gulf of Naples.

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Cement and Concrete: from the Romans to Mars


The new issue of Elements, co-edited by Prof. Luca Valentini, highlights the role of mineralogy, geochemistry and petrology to the study of cement material

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Ecosystem services provided by salt marshes


Salt marshes have the ability to sequester carbon at an astonishingly high rate that is up to 50 times that of forests. Their contribution in terms of mitigating the effects of climate change is therefore fundamental but it can be put at risk by the degradation processes of these environments and the loss of surfaces.

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Hyperion: An update on the project in the pilot sites video


Hyperion’s second video from the test sites of Rhodes, Venice, Granada & Tonsberg has been officially released. Let’s find out how is the work going.

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Continental formation and demise: perspectives from the Trans Mexican Volcanic Belt

Speaker: Dr. Mattia Parolari (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México - Institute of Geology) - Thursday 12 January - ore 16,30 | Aula Arduino


At convergent margins, continents are unceasingly constructed and destroyed by arc magmatism and subduction, respectively. Interestingly, these opposing processes are intimately linked together.

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