Seminar "Career Workshop" - L’emergenza alluvionale in Emilia-Romagna: l’esperienza dal volontariato di protezione civile

Speakers: Dr.ssa Eleonora Benà, Dr.ssa Sara Franzè e Dr.ssa Elisa Saler (Department of Geosciences – University of Padova / LARES – Sezione Operativa Veneto), with the partecipation of Dr. Danilo Calabrese, Chairman of LARES Italy I Tuesday 21 May - 4.30 PM | Arduino Classroom


Nel mese di maggio del 2023 il territorio dell’Emilia-Romagna è stato colpito da una serie di eventi meteo intensi che hanno causato allagamenti, esondazioni e fenomeni di dissesto idrogeologico. L’emergenza che ne è scaturita è stata senza precedenti: è stato il primo evento alluvionale che ha

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Seminar - From outer space to domestic space: Detecting settlements of the Late Bronze Age of the Carpathian Basin

Speaker: Prof. Barry Molloy - University College Dublin, School of Archaeology I Tuesday 14 May - 4.30 PM | Arduino Classroom


The later Bronze Age in southern Europe was a time of fundamental social change. Metalwork transitioned from a prestige to routine resource, weaponry indicates a transformation in warfare related violence, and the networks through which metal flowed connected up the continent in an unprecedented

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Seminar - A new look at an old landscape: the chronology of the Kalahari Group sediments

Speaker: Prof. Ari Matmon - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Institute of Earth Sciences I Tuesday 7 May - 4.30 PM | Classroom 0B - Complesso didattico “Fiore di Botta” (via del Pescarotto 8)


The Kalahari Basin, southern Africa, is one of the world’s largest cratonic basins. It is believed that the sediments filling it, the Kalahari Group Sediments (KGS), have been deposited at least since 65Ma.However, dating results are surprising, indicating that the entire depth of the KGS is

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A cutting-edge tool for rapid and effective landslide detection

The tool is based on Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) backscatter data. Lorenzo Nava, Kushanav Bhuyan and Filippo Catani are among the contributors


The tool is based on Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) backscatter data. Lorenzo Nava, Kushanav Bhuyan and Filippo Catani are among the contributors

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Quando e per quanto tempo? La variabile Tempo nelle Geoscienze. Dal Record Geologico alla Sfida Analitica

IX Ciclo di Conferenze Itineranti - Distinguished Lectures SGI - SIMP | Tuesday 23 April from 4,15 pm to 6 pm | Arduino Classroom


IX Ciclo di Conferenze Itineranti - Distinguished Lectures SGI - SIMP | Tuesday 23 April from 4,15 pm to 6 pm | Arduino Classroom

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Seminar (Career Workshop) - Burnt lime: mining our path to a sustainable economy

Speaker: Dott. Giovanni Baldo - Product Manager Fassa Bortolo S.r.l.I Tuesday 16 April - 4.30 PM | Arduino Classroom


Industrial Minerals (IM) are essential to economic development: we can say they are the foundation of the economy. IM are usually cheap products, so it’s difficult to import them and they need to be mined/produced next to their main utilizers. This means we have the opportunity to apply the best

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Seminar - From roots to landscape: integrating bio-geophysics with remote sensing to better understand vegetation water stress in agro-ecosystems

Speaker: Benjamin Mary - Institute of Agricultural Sciences - CSIC Spain I Tuesday 9 April - 4.30 PM | Arduino Classroom


Water scarcity is a growing challenge in the Mediterranean region that is intensifying with global change as documented by FAO report. Accurate evapotranspiration (ET) estimation using remote sensing (RS) observations is vital for forest and crop irrigation management but faces challenges from cloud

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Seminar - Progress and challenges to earthquake predictability

Speaker: Warner Marzocchi, University of Naples, Federico II | Tuesday 26 March - 4.30 PM | Arduino Classroom


Earthquake predictability is the essential scientific ingredient for any sound seismic risk mitigation planning. But what do we really know about earthquake predictability? Since the optimistic approach to deterministic earthquake prediction in the seventies, seismological community is moving towards probabilistic forecasts, in which seismologists can estimate probabilities for the earthquake occurrence in any specific space‐magnitude‐time windows.

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Seminar (Career Workshop) Il telerilevamento con drone

Speaker: Stefano Brugnaro, freelance geologist | Tuesday 19 March - 4.30 PM | Arduino Classroom


La crescente digitalizzazione cartografica ha visto una forte evoluzione circa l’utilizzo nella professione del geologo dei rilievi tramite drone (Sistema Aeromobili a Pilotaggio Remoto), sia in contesto civile che ambientale e territoriale. La capacità di gestire sensori di differente natura ha agevolato l’esponenziale utilizzo tecnico applicativo, soprattutto da figure professionali già inserite nel settore topografico. Ad oggi il drone viene utilizzato come strumento per l’acquisizione di informazioni dall’alto e quindi la ricostruzione di modelli bidimensionali e tridimensionali.

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Geophysical methods for the study of the Earth Critical Zone


Matteo Censini has just started a PhD project focused on the characterization of the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum (SPAC), in the framework of the Excellence Project

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Seminar - Rivers, Humans and the carbon-rich soils of the ancient Amazon

Speaker: Dr. Taylor Perron - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) – Earth Atmospheric & Planetary Sciences. | Tuesday 12 Mach 2024 – 4,30 PM | Arduino Classroom


The seminar show how South American river systems created a template for this successful agricultural strategy, argue that ancient people managed soil using practices that are still employed today by Amazonian indigenous groups, and demonstrate the potential for carbon storage in anthropogenic soils. Along the way, the seminar will consider the climate sensitivity of rivers and some lessons from the past about sustainable tropical agriculture.

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Seminar ”Career Workshop" - The role of the geologist in the design field

Speaker: Dott. Geol. Pietro Buiatti - F & M Ingegneria - Mirano (VE) | Tuesday 5 March 2024 – ore 4,30 PM | Arduino Classroom


Currently we are increasingly surrounded by works and constructions that range from the most complex structures to the simplest, so much so that they can be defined as almost “ordinary”. Perhaps the habit of crossing a bridge or entering in a building, for those unfamiliar with the design sector, often leads to underestimate or not considering the difficulties faced during the design phase of the aforementioned works. Technical design is a fascinating but also complex world, bringing with it technical but also administrative difficulties. This seminar will offer a moment of discussion for all those interested in learning more about the field of planning and in particular the role of the geologist in this multidisciplinary activity, both in the private and in the public sector.

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Investigating the integration of CO2 mineralization with mining


The Department of Geosciences of the University of Padua is among the academic departments selected and funded by the Italian Ministry of University and Research (MUR) in the framework of Excellence Project (2023-2027). In the 2022 call, the Department of Geosciences competed and succeeded with a

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The reuse of abandoned wells to boost geothermal energy production


Geothermal energy is a form of renewable energy that uses the heat from the underground. In general, the drilling part of a geothermal project is one of the most expensive. In Italy there are more than 5000 wells that are now abandoned or mineral closed and the data collected during the exploration

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