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New discoveries on the "dark" side of the Moon


The first results of the last Chinese mission on the far side of the Moon have been published in Nature: olivine and pyroxene would be present on our satellite as in the Earth's mantle. The title of the study is Chang’E-4 initial spectroscopic identification of lunar far-side mantle-derived

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Basaltic crust in the Earth’s lower mantle


Fabrizio Nestola explains a study about diamonds realized by the researchers of the University of Padova. This study, recently published in "Nature", shows that the Earth's surface rocks can reach great depths up to 700-800 km, and now is confirmed by Japanese scientistsNews on "Il Bo Live"

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The Diavik Diamond mine


Professor Fabrizio Nestola explains the origin of the blue diamonds. Where are they from? To answer this question he visits for the first time the Canadian Diavik diamond mine.News on "Il Bo Live" (University of Padova)

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The origin of blue diamonds


Professor Fabrizio Nestola illustrates the scientific study about the origin of blue diamonds. The research, realized with the collaboration of the University of Padova, has been published in "Nature".News on "Il Bo Live" (University of Padova) 

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Earthquake lubrification and healing explained by amorphous nanosilica


Giulio di Toro (Department of Geosciences) talks about a research published in “Nature Communications” about earthquake lubrification and healing explained by amorphous nanosilica and about machines used to study these events. News on "Il Bo Live" (University of Padova)  

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