Applied mineralogy, petrography and geophysics

Geosciences can provide essential tools for investigating the macro- and microstructures of a wide range of materials, of both natural and artificial origin. In particular, these analyses are accomplished either by means of mineralogy, petrography and geochemistry (at a micro-scale) or geophysical methods, at a larger scale. Issues that this approach is meant to cope with are aimed to provide new scientific insights, which, in turn, may offer important responses to social and economic urgencies.
These researches range from the analysis of cement materials and their use in buildings, which is intended to improve formulation and application protocols of materials and their stability in time, to the characterization of archaeological and historical artifacts (ceramic, glass, metal and stone artifacts, composite objects such as mortars and frescoes), which are intended to improve both our knowledge and preservation techniques of the universal historical heritage.
When dealing with larger geological structures, non-invasive geophysical approaches can be used as an effective support to the methods described above, as they provide information either on present and past architectural structures.