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Continental formation and demise: perspectives from the Trans Mexican Volcanic Belt

Speaker: Dr. Mattia Parolari (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México - Institute of Geology) - Thursday 12 January - ore 16,30 | Aula Arduino


At convergent margins, continents are unceasingly constructed and destroyed by arc magmatism and subduction, respectively. Interestingly, these opposing processes are intimately linked together.

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Claudia Fabiola Benvegnù awarded the CONI bronze medal for athletic value


Claudia is a student of the Department of Geosciences and a successful canoeist. She was awarded during the cerimony for the sporting merits achieved in 2020

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Open Weeks UNIPD 2023


Join our Open Weeks to find out more about English-taught degree programmes for Academic Year 2023/24!Prospective students will have the chance to meet the Professors coordinating each programme and get a deeper insight on the main academic features.Find the list of upcoming Open weeks webinars for

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Venice Lagoon. The salt marshes and what they need to survive


In the second episode of the mini-series on the Venice Lagoon we begin to discover the salt marshes, one of the most characteristic morphological structures of this humid environment. We will be discovering which depositional dynamics guarantee their survival in the face of rising sea levels.We will

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Acquiring "Even Better" Seismic Data - Workshop in memory of Dr. Lorenzo Petronio

17th November 2022 - 4.30 Pm - Room Arduino


After some months that Lorenzo Petronio has unexpectedly passed away, former professor of the Master's Degree in “Geophysics for Natural Risks and Resources”, colleagues and friends remember his activity with a workshop about some of the topics he contributed to develop.

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