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Seminar (Career Workshop) - Burnt lime: mining our path to a sustainable economy

Speaker: Dott. Giovanni Baldo - Product Manager Fassa Bortolo S.r.l.I Tuesday 16 April - 4.30 PM | Arduino Classroom


Industrial Minerals (IM) are essential to economic development: we can say they are the foundation of the economy. IM are usually cheap products, so it’s difficult to import them and they need to be mined/produced next to their main utilizers. This means we have the opportunity to apply the best practices to quarry them and to control the production chain in order to manufacture them in a sustainable way. Burnt lime is one of the most versatile IM in the history of mankind. Its origins are lost in time, thousands of years ago. Nowadays, burnt lime plays a key role in many different processes, from steelmaking to flue gas treatment. We will guide you through the lime cycle and we will show you some of the most interesting and sustainable applications of lime products.