The HYPERION Project awarded at the International Environmental Competition EcoWorld-2021


HYPERION project whose goal is to assist historic areas to face global Climate Change and multi-hazard risks by building upon an integrated resilience assessment platform, was recently awarded at the International Environmental Competition EcoWorld-2021, organized by the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

The review committee awarded HYPERION with the higher distinction of “Laureate 1 Level”, recognizing its significant research occupation for the preservation of the Cultural Heritage monuments against natural disasters. The competition, which attracted hundreds of proposals, strives to promote the development of environmental policy, improving the level of environmental education and environmental culture of the population, the development of environmental science and the dissemination of environmentally friendly technologies.

Through extremely specialized technologies, services and tools HYPERION project plays a central role in the path aimed at supporting the adaptation of historic districts to Climate Change and at perfecting sustainable reconstruction plans for the damaged cultural heritage. In this frame, "the contribution of the Department of Geosciences in the analysis of building materials and deterioration processes aimed at refining dose-response damage functions is integrated in a Holistic Resilience Assessment Platform (HRAP) and a Decision-Support-System (DSS) enabling communities’ participation and supporting stakeholders and decision makers”, Prof. Claudio Mazzoli, the UNIPD Partner leader in the HYPERION Project, said.

HYPERION has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no 821054.