Ph.D. research projects 2019


1 - PhD research Projects 2019 funded by public or private institutions with fixed topics

Development and application of field observations and predictive models of the dynamics of landforms in the Venice lagoon in response to environmental change and the operation of the MOSE system

(Proposers: Prof. Andrea D'Alpaos, Prof. Marco Marani)

Seismic risk assessment on a territorial scale based on Bayesian approaches and machine learning

(Proposers: Prof. Francesca Da Porto)

2 - Higher-level apprenticeship contracts


Development of seismic isolation systems for industrial racks

(fHigh-level apprenticeship contract, GS Industry S.p.A.; Supervisor: Prof. Francesca Da Porto)


3  -  PhD research Projects 2019

Crustal melting: working with melt inclusions

(Proposers: Prof. Bernardo Cesare, Dr. Omar Bartoli)

Crustal melting: working with enclaves

(Proposers: Prof. Bernardo Cesare, Dr. Fabio Ferri, Dr. Omar Bartoli)


Broad-band Time-Reversal Seismology

(Proposers: Prof. Lapo Boschi, Dr. Irene Molinari, Prof. Piero Poli)

Characterization and modelling of calcined clays for sustainable development

(Proposers: Dr. Luca Valentini, Dr. Maria Chiara Dalconi)

Advanced differential interferometry and geological data: integration of subsoil architecture, surface morphology, climate data and anthropic factors to detect deformation patterns in alluvial plains affected by subsidence

(Proposers: Prof. Mario Floris)

Linking discharge variability to sedimentary products in the meandering Powder River (Montana, USA)

(Proposers: Prof. Massimiliano Ghinassi, Dr. John A. Moody)


Close range remote sensing on volcanic fields

(Proposer: Prof. Matteo Massironi)

Geological mapping and 3D geo-modelling of planetary surfaces

(Proposer: Prof. Matteo Massironi)

Structure, evolution and deformation mechanism in seismogenic faults in the continental crust

(Proposers: Giulio Di Toro (Università degli Studi di Padova), Giorgio Pennacchioni (Università degliStudi di Padova), Elena Spagnuolo (INGV Rome), Jose Cembrano (Pontifical Catholic University ofChile), Thomas Mitchell (University College London) )


Effect of microclimate conditions on stone deterioration: implications on vulnerability assessment of cultural heritage and potential impact of climate change

(Proposer: Prof. Claudio Mazzoli)

Dating and authenticating pottery: new strategies to contrast innovative forgery

(Proposer: Prof. Claudio Mazzoli)

Deformation mechanisms and scaling relationships of shattered fault damage zones in carbonates

(Proposer: Prof. Giulio Di Toro)


Evolution and expansion of resin production in the early Mesozoic: evidence from Triassic amber and the world's oldest bioinclusions from Northern and Southern Pangaea

(Proposer: Prof. Manuel Rigo, Prof. Jeffrey Stiwell (University of Melbourne), Guido Roghi (CNR) )

Extraterrestrial diamonds

(Proposer: Prof. Fabrizio Nestola, Prof. Frank E. Brenker)


The 10Be/9Be ratio in Neogene marine sediments: a proxy of the Earth Magnetic field or a history of climate, sedimentation and ocean circulation?

(Proposer: Prof. Luca Capraro)


Paleofloods in large alluvial systems

(Proposers: Prof. Alessandro Fontana and Prof. Paolo Mozzi)

The Wrangellia Large Igneous Province

(Proposers: Prof. Andrea Marzoli and Prof. Nereo Preto)

Disentangling sea level fluctuations and climate changes across the Sinemurian-Pliensbachian global carbon cycle perturbation

(Proposers: Prof. Marco Franceschi and Prof. Nereo Preto)

Geoarchaeology of coastal transitional geomorphic systems

(Proposers: Prof. Paolo Mozzi and Prof. Alessandro Fontana) 

Innovative solutions of ground heat exchangers

(Proposers: Dr. Antonio Galgaro and Dr. Adriana Bernardi)